The production hall is located in the industrial zone of the city Žiar nad Hronom, in a separate area on the main road in the direction BRATISLAVA-elected, national road no.65. The area is made available to the communications panel, which directly leads to the state road no.65.

Production hall has an area of 445 m2, the disposition of which is divided into administrative and social areas / 2 offices, 2 toilets, 2 showers, dining /. It is equipped with electric overhead 5-ton crane with a path of length 10 m range, which is controlled suspension button controls.

There is handling area, which consists of a communications panel nature, intended for truck, passenger and any waste materials - storage, preparation for shipping, the actual shipment, loading, unloading goods. Area 3700 m2 with the possibility of further expansion of 500 to 800 square meters.

Connection to Utilities

Production hall has its own distribution networks.

  • Directly in the area is transformer, which provides connections to electricity.
  • Self-heating of the hall is equipped with an additional building, which contains the solid fuel boiler and electric boiler backup.
  • Drinking water, industrial water, sewage connections connected to a secure public network.
  • Access roads to the site - their own. The area is fenced, lockable.

Stand Location:

48°33'58.36"N – Latitude
18°51'38.28"E – Longitude


Žiar nad Hronom - Bratislava - 170km (2 h.)
Bratislava - Viedeň - 80km (1 h.)
Žiar nad Hronom - Praha - 508km (5 h.)
Praha - Berlín - 350km (3 h.)